2017 Board of Directors

President, Executive and Nominating Committee

Laura Hill Temmerman, FACHE
Chief Experience Officer 
e-mail: president@ache-cahl.org
President - Elect, Executive and Nominating Committee

Toby Marsh, FACHE
Chief Nursing & Patient Care Services Officer 
e-mail: presidentelect@ache-cahl.org
Immediate Past-President, Executive and Nominating Committee

Baljeet Sangha, FACHE
Vice President, Support Services 
Secretary, Executive and Nominating Committee

Andrew Pete
Service Line Dir 
e-mail: secretary@ache-cahl.org
ACHE Regent, Senior Executive Advisory Committee, Executive and Nominating Committee

Erick Berry, FACHE
Support Services Administrator 
Treasurer, Finance Chair, Executive and Nominating Committee

Ehren Hawkins
Business & Operations Mgr 
e-mail: treasurer@ache-cahl.org
Chair - Programming

Melanie Toutai
Area Dir of Business Development 
Chair - Sponsorship Committee

Kim Brown Sims
Vice President Patient Care Services/CNO 
e-mail: sponsorship@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Bay Area LPC

David Akinsanya
Network Administrator 
Co-chair - Bay Area LPC

Oswaldo Ruiz
Manager, PAC Network Development 
Co-Chair - Career Development and Transition, Member - Senior Executive Engagement and Finance Committee

Joseph DeLuca, FACHE
Managing Practice Dir 
e-mail: jobsearch@ache-cahl.org
Co-Chair - Career Development and Transition

Darrielle Ehrheart
Physician Practice Mgr 
Co-Chair - Career Development and Transition

Frank Khan
Patient Safety - Clinical Performance Improvement Consultant 
Co-chair - Central Valley LPC

Matt Joslin
Vice President 
e-mail: cvlpc@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Central Valley LPC

Patrick Ramirez
Vice President - Professional Support Services 
Co-chair - Awards and Volunteer Recognition

Katie Abbott
Director, Cancer Networks 
e-mail: memberoutreach@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Awards and Volunteer Recognition

Kieran Shah
Chief Strategy Officer 
e-mail: volunteering@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Communications

Eric Johnson
Chief Financial Officer 
e-mail: communications@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Communications, & Chair - Military Outreach

Ruth Cieri, FACHE
Healthcare Administrator 
e-mail: militaryoutreach@ache-cahl.org
Co-Chair - Diversity and Inclusion Committee, Member - Career Development and Transition

Bonnie Panlasigui, FACHE

e-mail: diversity@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Diversity and Inclusion Committee

Bryanna Gallaway
Director, Service Excellence 
e-mail: diversity@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Higher Education Network (HEN)

Christos Arvanitis
Compliance Officer 
e-mail: hen@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Higher Education Network (HEN)

Jason Lee
Senior Manager 
Co-chair - Higher Education Network (HEN)

Rachel Wynn
Project Dir 
Co-Chair - SAC LPC

Ryan Peck
IT Mgr & EMR Knowledge Mgmt 
e-mail: saclpc@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Strategic Outreach

Michael Brokloff, FACHE
Service & Performance Mgmt 
e-mail: advancement@ache-cahl.org
Co-chair - Strategic Outreach

Jesse Tamplen, FACHE
Director Lean Transformation 
Data Champion

Mohit Gulati

e-mail: datachampion@ache-cahl.org
Chair - Audit Committee

Nicholas Cline
Senior Audit Professional 
CAHL Administrative Staff

Tamara Dilbeck
Administrative Assistant 
e-mail: achecahl@gmail.com