Statewide College Bowl Reflection

Mohit Gulati, California State University, Chico

On April 17th, CSU Chico undergraduates represented CAHL in the inaugural statewide College Bowl competition at Good Samaritan Hospital in Los Angeles. The event started with a networking event on the 16th, where students had the opportunity to meet with their competitors and connect with health professionals from the CAHL, HCE and SOHL chapters of ACHE.

This year’s undergraduate competition was between CSU Chico, and CSU Long Beach. The teams competed in 3 fierce rounds of a quiz bowl style competition. The competition was very intense, and both teams definitely brought their A game. At the end of the third round, CSU Chico was declared the first place winner, and received a check for $750. CSU Long Beach was awarded for second place, and received a check for $250.

This was an extremely valuable experience for the students from CSU Chico.  Students gained much needed post-graduation advice from health professionals and graduate students all across California. Also, the competition allowed students to demonstrate their professional competitiveness and academic understanding of the healthcare industry. The CSU, Chico team was comprised of seniors Zachary McDonough, Mohit Gulati, Jacquelyn Evans, Kasey Krist-Johnson, Shelby Davis, with Colton Levar and Alix Chase as alternatives. CSU Chico also had academic advisers/professors Rick Narad, and Stan Salinas, and juniors student observers Leana Haddad and Lauren Brown present. After the event was all over, the students walked away with a new network of friends, mentors, and had seen the value of joining professional organizations such as ACHE. The students had a long 9 hour drive back home to Chico, but enjoyed the ride back home as they sang “We are the Champions” by Queen.  

Congratulations to the historical winners!

In 2014:
1st - Drexel (Sacramento program)
2nd - CSU Chico
3rd - CSU East Bay
4th - University of the Pacific

In 2013:
1st - University of the Pacific 
2nd - CSU East Bay