President's Letter - July 2022


What does it mean to you? Our country’s founding is based on our freedom and inalienable rights, and we celebrated our Independence Day on Jul 4 for the last 246 years. We’ve also celebrated for the past two years Juneteenth 19th as a federal holiday to celebrate the freedom from slavery as shared with Texas slaves two years after …
Michael O'Connell CAHL President

It is time to provide your voice on California Health policy

Over the last few pandemic years, the general public and healthcare leaders have realized the importance of Federal and State policy. I write to you with 15 years of healthcare experience, including clinical roles, operational leadership, organizational strategy, and public policy.

July 14th, 2022 5:30pm - 7pm

Join me and other healthcare leaders to discuss and share your opinions on Federal or State policies that impact California health policy.
Chantelle Schenning

Sign up for the 2022 Summer Mentor Program

The Mentor Program has two program offerings- Formal and Informal Program. As the Chair of the Mentor Program, I am excited to share that we had a successful 3- month Spring Formal Mentor Program.

With a cohort of 28 mentors/mentees, ranging from early careerists to senior executives, the mentor/mentee pair successfully completed the program requirements. In parallel to running the Formal Mentor Program, the team also hosted the Informal program, onboarded new mentors and mentees, and prepared for the upcoming 2022 Summer Mentorship Conference on July 27th at 5:30 pm.
Summer 2022 Mentor Program

CAHL 2022 Annual Meeting & Awards

Anthony Armada
August 25, 2022 3:30pm - 7pm

CAHL members and guests are cordially invited to the Annual Meeting and Awards Ceremony. We are excited to bring back our live in-person marquee annual event

Enjoy networking with healthcare colleagues and leaders and celebrate our volunteer contributions to making CAHL valuable to our members.

We are excited to invite Anthony A. Armada, Chair of ACHE as the Keynote Speaker.

August 25, 2022 4:00pm - 5:00pm

The event also features a "Learning from Leader" session with Philip Chuang, Ph.D., FACHE. Philip is presently SVP, Clinical Services at Kaiser Permanente and is the current ACHE Regent for Northern & Central California.

Upcoming Events

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June 14- Networking Event
CAHL How to facilitate an effective mentorship
Coffee Conversations with Colleagues
CAHL Virtual networking event
CAHL Leadership Networking event
CAHL Virtual networking event

Featured Student Council Member

Kimberly Lamountry-Student Council

Tristan Moore

School: California Northstate University's (CNSU) college of graduate studies class of 2022
Future Plans:
Progressing in the final year of his study, Tristan strives to utilize CNSU's Master of Healthcare Administration (MHA) degree to affect material change within the U.S. healthcare system. Currently operating as a Project Engineer for Kaiser Permanente, Tristan's post-graduate ambitions entail joining an Administrative Fellowship to further his development as a healthcare leader. During his study, Tristan was fortunate to join ACHE - CAHL - HEN as a student council member in 2021.
What I enjoyed the most about CAHL:

Being a part of this team divulged meaningful interactions with healthcare leaders and built upon the foundation of education that CNSU provided resulting in a well-rounded educational experience.

Warm welcome to new CAHL members

Madison Steele
Jessica Baldwin
Kelly Pham
Igal Tarash, MD
Paul Winston
Philip C. Brown
Marc Chow, MS
Turan T. Kizilelma, PhD
Prasanthi Rathinasamy
Sherron L. Butler
Julie A. Callais
Cassandra M. Cuadra
Kristie Marion
Shana J. Mena
Thanh V. Dinh

Congratulations to new ACHE Fellows

Ryan G. DeGive, MHA, FACHE

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