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Are You (Really) Listening?

Listening has become a lost art. We are so busy multi-tasking and connected to our technology (smart phone, iPad, Siri, Alexa, iTunes, and laptop) that we don’t spend time communicating face-to-face or listening to one another. Here are five considerations for being a better listener.
Michael O'Connell CAHL President

Policy Watch

Oct. 26 Hearing on New Prenatal Screening Regulations

Emergency DPH-21-008E Prenatal Screening Regulations went into effect September 19, 2022, without a comment period or opportunity for stakeholder engagement, and now apply to all Californians regardless of insurance type. Read more to learn about the potential impact on pregnancies with certain genetic variations and why some advocates are concerned about implications for health equity. The California Department of Public Health is hosting a Public Hearing on October 26, 2022, more than a month after the Program went into effect.

Focus on FACHE

Board of Governors Exam: Thoughts from New CAHL Fellow Nikhil Singal

This past month, CAHL board member Nikhil Singal, MHA, FACHE, joined the select group of CAHL members who have passed the Board of Governors Exam in Healthcare Management. Nikhil, who is Vice President of Operations with Sierra Health and Wellness Centers, prepared via the BOG prep courses offered by CAHL.

The next series of 5 sessions begins Oct. 15 (register …
Nikhil Singal

BOG Exam Resources

Make use of the CAHL and ACHE resources to learn about and prepare for the BOG Exam

Sponsor Insights

Applying Transformational Leadership to the Collaborative Field of Radiation Therapy

Changes within Radiation Therapy, resulting in the advancement of clinical outcomes, often enhance the quality of treatment deliveries. Because of changes within the field, which include the evolution of treatment techniques, equipment, software upgrades, and medical advancements, it is imperative to train future leaders with those practices of the Transformational Leadership Theory.

Thank you to author Cheryl Young, EdD, RT(T), and Gurnick Academy for their support of CAHL.

Reminder: Is your CAHL Profile Up to Date?

Not receiving invitations to invitation-only executive events? Emails going to an old address? It might be time to revisit your CAHL profile. Login to your ACHE account and take a moment to confirm your title, email and interests are up to date.

Committee Updates

*Live* Senior Executive Networking Oct. 19
& Call for HEN Scholarship Judges

This month was a busy one for the Higher Education Network (HEN) Committee. Click through to hear the latest from the team supporting the rising generation of healthcare executives, and to get involved in judging this year's HEN Scholarships.

The Senior Executive Engagement committee is excited to offer its inaugural networking event on October 19th for CAHL senior executives. The event is by invitation only: If you are a senior leader and didn't receive an invitation, your CAHL profile may need to be updated. Please contact Rachael McKinney at Rachael.McKinney(AT) to be added to the networking list.

The Clinical Leadership Committee recently led a successful policy networking event, and is planning a panel event to discuss Healthcare Economics. Watch your email and LinkedIn for more!

Upcoming Events

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CAHL Face to Face Oakland Flier Oct 11 2022
CAHL BOG Exam Prep Flier Oct-Nov 2022
The New Healthcare Team
CAHL North Coast Networking Flier Oct 27 2022
CAHL Leadership networking event

Warm Welcome to New CAHL members

Carolyn Caruso

Nicholas R. Garcia, MBA
Colin Hartke

Scott R. Langevin
Angela Primeau

Congratulations to new ACHE Fellows

Terri Donovan, FACHE
Nwando U. Eze, MD, MPH, FACHE
Julie Gist, RN, MSN, FACHE
Marc G. Mertz, MHA, FACHE
Sanjit K. Sodhi, FACHE
Nikhil Singal, FACHE

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