Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion Focus

CAHL Calls its Membership to the JEDI Work

The Justice, Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion (JEDI) Committee recognizes the challenges that many communities face because of targeted attacks, and with the CAHL Board of Directors, acknowledges the impact this has on our membership and their families and organizations. The JEDI Committee would like to reiterate that as an association of healthcare leaders, we have an obligation to call attention to intolerable acts of violence, raise awareness, create and then hold safe spaces, and honor our members and their work through difficult times.
JEDI Collaboration
These CAHL and ACHE resources, including the DEI Fireside Chat noted below in events, can help you develop and conduct diversity & inclusion initiatives in your organization.
CAHL Diversity & Inclusion Toolkit
ACHE Diversity Resources

Save the Date

On March 6, ACHE Chair Tony Armada and two ACHE Governors, Carolyn Caldwell and Dr. Nizar Wehbi, will host a fireside chat on diversity, equity and inclusion. Join to hear about their career paths and experiences. (Zoom link pending)

Additionally, Healthcare Leaders recently featured Tony Armada in their podcast. Hear his experience being the first Asian American Chair of ACHE and his passion about DEI as it relates to leadership promotion opportunities, patient care improvement goals, organizational culture and tips to identifying and building relationships with mentors.

Regent's Message - Winter 2023

A note from Philip Chuang, PhD, FACHE, Regent for California – Northern and Central, on both personal New Year's Resolutions and new resolutions ACHE has made as an organization.

Read on for updates on the 2023-2025 ACHE Strategic Plan, ACHE Congress, and graduate student scholarship opportunities.
Regent's Message - Winter 2023

President’s Message: Our True North

Kelly Flannery
Part of our success as an independent chapter of the ACHE requires forward thinking as part of strategic and operational planning activities.

Our starting point was identifying CAHL’s True North Pillars. An organization’s True North is essentially its philosophical and strategic purpose or vision. For 2023, that entails ...

Mentorship Spotlight | Christianna Kearns

Christianna Kearns, MBA, FACHE, details her experiences as both a mentor and a mentee in the Fall 2022 Formal Mentor Program. Learn more about CAHL's mentorship initiatives here. The deadline to apply as a mentee in the formal spring program, which runs from March through June, is Friday, Feb. 17.

Questions can be directed to [email protected].

Reflections on Passing the BOG Exam: Congratulations to Matthew Morgan

In December 2022, Matthew Morgan, MBA, FHFMA, of Carmel passed the Board of Governors exam to earn his FACHE, bringing another board-certified leader into the CAHL community. He shares his thoughts on the preparation he did.
Matthew Morgan

Save the Date: Board of Governors Exam Review Sessions

Our CAHL chapter and Member Advancement Committee offers a virtual FACHE Board of Governors (BOG) exam review and preparation webinar series twice a year. This series consists of 5 five sessions that cover the exam’s 10 Knowledge Areas. The Spring 2023 Webinar Series starts April 1, 2023. Look for the registration email in your Inbox in a few weeks

Member Spotlight | Bridget Burke

Bridget Burke is the newest member of the CAHL Finance Committee and vice president of technology company PatientPredict. She served with NCAL HIMSS and brings a wealth of experience to CAHL. She shares her thoughts on volunteering with us.
Bridget Burke

CAHL Cares: Share Your Community Outreach Story

Michael O'Connell
Dear Colleagues, Thank you for supporting me as CAHL’s President during this past year.  As I make the transition to serve as CAHL’s Past President, it fills me with pride to see all the great work done on behalf of and in conjunction with our Board of Directors, Committee leaders, and other members throughout the year. Now, looking forward to …

Join CAHL at the ACHE Congress in Chicago

The ACHE 2023 Congress is Thursday, March 20–23, at the Hyatt Regency Chicago. Register to access:more than 4,000 healthcare leaders, including over 320 expert speakers, as well as:
  • Your choice of more than 150 focused education and networking sessions.
  • CAHL in-person networking event

ACHE Webinars are now free for members!

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Warm welcome to new CAHL members

John Bozin, DM, MBA
Francisco Carranza
Megan Giovanetti, MBA
Theresa Hernandez
Donna Rucker, DHA
Thomas Barber
Rhafia Bucoy
Brittani Chew
Jason Erickson, MBA
Sofia Colon
Lyvonmarie Fernandez
Tracy Keel
Caryn M. Liebowitz, MHA, BSN, RN
Delane C. Mason
James L. Robinson, PsyD
Kristen West

Ashwini Chandkumar, MBA
Joseph Gorczyca
Taitlyn N. Jones
Eric D. McDaniel
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Michael Okopedeghe, MS
Reinavi Sonza
Syndi Day
Christina Lim, MHA
Arielle A. Manoli
COL Michael W. Mundle
Michelle M. Sharp
Ugbonma Atulobi
Lydia Mahr-Chan, MBA, BA
David Quackenbush
Maja Artandi
Jacqueline Bellerive
Daniel J. Boken, MD
Marlon J. Washington , II
Christopher R. Bjornberg
Yauheni Solad, MD
Cristina Tom
Jill M. Weeks
Alice Zhong
Capt Caryn Chern, MHA
Harold Glenn, Jr.
Imad Jobah
Billy Wagiu
Evelyn Perez
Michael E. Bowers, FACHE
Kristyn Mitchell, BSN, RN, CPHQ
Kevin H. Vantrees, FACHE

Congratulations to new ACHE Fellows

Ronel J. Africa, PsyD, FACHE
Michael R. Cureton, FACHE
Ethan Dexter, FACHE
Matthew Morgan, MBA, FHFMA, FACHE
Dennis G. Sindelar, FACHE
Jessica L. Welsh, MHA, FACHE

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