Director Insights

Cultivating a Mindset of Optimism

By Pauline Orr The mindset of optimism is a curious one that can be applied to both personal and professional situations and settings. It can come naturally to some, and for others, it’s a learned skill that must be honed over time. Optimism is not ignoring the reality of the situation by applying fake positivity; rather, it is seeing the …
Pauline Orr

Career Considerations

Making the Pivot to a Health Tech Startup

By Sarah T. Khan Focus on people and quality, and money will follow. For years, this mantra has helped me achieve multi-million-dollar transformations at small and large health systems through improved productivity, efficiency, culture, and quality. But there are limitations when a system is dependent upon a single unit, i.e., a clinician or staff member, for delivering its product, i.e., …
Sarah Khan

Member Spotlight | Yevgeny Ostrovskiy

Yevgeny Ostrovskiy
Yevgeny Ostrovskiy is involved with two CAHL committees related to career growth. He shares how networking with CAHL has led to meaningful connections have driven his own career and industry relationships forward.

Student Council Spotlight | Yamini Dwarakanath

CAHL is profiling the 2023 members of the CAHL Hen Student Council. These early careerists are active in engaging peers who are building their healthcare expertise as they advance into and within the industry.

Yamini Dwarakanath is pursuing an Executive MHA at The George Washington University.
Yamini Dwarakanath

Back to Balance in the Art, Science, and Business of Medicine

By Michael O’Connell I’ve had the privilege of working with Dr. Halee Fischer-Wright, President and CEO of the Medical Group Management Association (MGMA), on an MGMA committee, and she gave me a copy of her book “Back to Balance: The Art, Science, and Business of Medicine.” In it, she shares her perspective on what she believes are the five paradigm …
Michael O'Connell

Don't Forget! Board of Governors Exam Review Starts April 1

Our CAHL chapter and Member Advancement Committee offers a virtual FACHE Board of Governors (BOG) exam review and preparation webinar series twice a year.

This series consists of 5 five sessions that cover the exam’s 10 Knowledge Areas.

The Spring 2023 Webinar Series starts April 1, 2023.

Did you switch jobs? Get promoted? Tell ACHE!

You could be featured in the "On the Move" section of Healthcare Executive magazine.
Just email both your former and new job titles, organizations, locations and a high-resolution headshot to
[email protected].

Applications Now Being Accepted for Thomas C. Dolan Executive Diversity and Career Accelerator Programs

The Executive Diversity Program is designed to prepare mid- and senior-level careerists from underrepresented groups to ascend to C-suite roles. It offers exclusive access to convenient learning and networking options, including interactive in-person education offerings, live webinars and collaborations with their cohort peers.

The Career Accelerator Program is designed for diverse leaders in manager or director-level positions to support their career advancement. CAP provides education and networking through a virtual environment to help prepare diverse leaders for higher-level positions.

The deadline to complete the application for both programs is April 10, 2023.

Events THIS WEEK & Save the Dates

Meet new colleagues and build your career and your network. Click each image for more details

And Save the Date for a FREE Virtual Session from Platinum CAHL Sponsor IPM:
"Healthcare Strategy Implementation: Why it’s difficult and what you can do"
April 19, 6-7 p.m. Watch your email for registration

This session will provide insights into:

  • The three areas making execution so hard within our organizations: our strategies
    themselves, our approach to implementing them, and the human nature forces working
    against us
  • What we can most control to improve our ability to execute
  • How this evolution has further progressed in other industries, but is slowly beginning to take place within healthcare
  • What we can and need to accelerate if we are indeed going to implement our
    transformational strategies
  • Some quick tips on improving execution of a specific initiative
This week! Virtual networking Wednesday
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Mark your calendars for networking every third Wednesday and get your fix of inspiration and smiles.

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