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5 Keys to Success When Building a Diverse Health Leadership

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By Vanessa Flores, Director, and Jeff Oxendine, CEO, Health Career Connection Building a diverse health leadership team is crucial for the success of any health organization. A diverse leadership team brings different perspectives, experiences, and ideas to the table, which can lead to better decision-making, improved patient outcomes, and increased employee satisfaction. The diversity of the health workforce across all …

Happy Holidays from the CAHL Board!

Embracing Human-Centered Design in Healthcare

by Rabiha Ahmed When crafting a patient-centric experience, many of us employ various problem-solving frameworks to effectively identify and address gaps or issues that patients may encounter. Two prominent approaches stand out among these frameworks: Lean Six Sigma and Human-Centered Design (HCD). In this article, we will delve into the concept of Human-Centered Design, shedding light on its core …

Being an Authentic Leader

by Michael O'Connell Authentic – that’s Merriam Webster’s 2023 Word of the Year. It’s a relevant word for CAHL as leaders coming out of a pandemic and dealing with many healthcare issues, including employee strikes, artificial intelligence, ransomware hacks, ghosting, gaslighting, staff and provider vacancies, and financial transparency. As Past President of CAHL, I have served most of my Board …

Volunteer Spotlight | Pravin Venketsamy

Praveen Venketsamy
Pravin Venketsamy, MHA, volunteers on the Member & Volunteer Growth committee. He is a VP of Operations at One Medical, a healthcare subsidiary of Amazon.  Please tell us a bit about what you've been doing as a volunteer, and why you chose to take that particular role. I co-led networking events on the Member & Volunteer Growth committee, and I …

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Timothy Pierce, PharmD, MHA
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Mark Behl, FACHE
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Capt. Aaron Werbel, PhD
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Jithin Veer
Corbin Bosse
Tamara Bahlhorn
Sarika Mohan, MD, MBBS
Jessica Madison
Joe Martin
Joe Martin
Jessica N. Mackie
Fredrick D. Lee, II, MBA, FACHE
Punit Vyas, MD
Janpreet S. Bhandohal, MD, MBA
Courtney A. Edwards, MHA, BSN, RN
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