2018 Member Spotlight – Ryan Peck


Mr. Ryan Peck is a passionate population health leader with experience in public accounting, healthcare revenue cycle consulting, and healthcare information technology. Currently, Mr. Peck manages the Epic Population Health & Government Programs team for UC Davis Health with a specific focus on delivering technology tool kit to position the organization to thrive in value-based care delivery. Mr. Peck is responsible for the management of the Epic Healthy Planet Module, Epic Telemedicine Module, Government Incentive programs, Grant programs, Pay-for-Performance programs, and other Health System strategic projects.

Prior to joining UC Davis in 2013, Mr. Peck was a Project Manager at Cedars-Sinai Health System leading the Epic Clinical Decision Support team. Mr. Peck worked directly with senior physician leadership in identifying opportunities to utilize the Epic platform with the goal of reducing the total cost of care and improving health outcomes. Prior to joining Cedar-Sinai in 2011, Mr. Peck was a Senior Consultant at the Claro Group providing healthcare revenue cycle consulting services to hospitals and health systems nationwide while specializing in implementing clinical documentation improvement programs.

Mr. Peck holds a Master of Health Administration from the University of Southern California as well as a Bachelor of Science in Accountancy from Sacramento State University.

Member Since (when did you become a CAHL member? ACHE member?)

I became an ACHE member in 2011 and a CAHL member in 2014.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in healthcare administration?

Unlike the “traditional” path, I first began my career in public accounting and decided to change careers in order to align with my desire to make a measurable impact. As such, I was able to find a position as a healthcare revenue cycle consultant for a prominent consulting firm. This position proved to be a great fit as I found deep satisfaction in the work and was able to make a measurable financial and quality impact at many health systems across the country. The mantra, “No Margin, No Mission” rang true with me, and improving the “bottom line” during the “Great Recession” at over 30+ health systems sparked my desire to pursue a master’s degree in healthcare administration and ultimately a lifelong career in healthcare administration.

Why did you join ACHE and CAHL?

After graduate school, I wanted to continue my commitment to lifelong learning by finding a professional organization with a diverse set of educational opportunities and diverse network of like-minded peers in the healthcare space. Joining ACHE and CAHL aligned directly with my goals for professional development and Ryan Peck networking. I am grateful for the opportunity to learn from the best and brightest healthcare minds in Northern California dedicated to continuous improvement and improving the health of the populations we serve.

What makes you diverse?

My professional background and personal experiences through mission work overseas has shaped me to become a diverse healthcare leader. From a professional standpoint, I have experience in public accounting, healthcare revenue cycle consulting, and healthcare information technology. Utilizing this diverse professional background, I bring a unique perspective that transcends traditional silos and drives system and process design resulting in demonstrated sustained results. On the personal side, I had the privilege to spend over two years in the Philippines before attending college, which provided me with invaluable life lessons/experiences including the value of embracing other cultures and people from all walks of life. As a healthcare leader, my professional and personal experiences contributed to who I am today and serve as a reminder each day that I must strive to be inclusive of all individuals regardless of race, ethnicity, sexual orientation, socio-economic status, age, physical abilities, religious beliefs, political beliefs, or other ideologies. We all are unique and have our own set of strengths that make us diverse in our own way!