Mentorship Spotlight | Christianna Kearns

Feb 12, 2023 | Mentorship Program

Christianna Kearns, MBA, FACHE, participated as both a mentor and a mentee in the Fall 2022 Formal Mentor Program. Learn more about CAHL’s mentorship initiatives here. The deadline to apply as a mentee in the formal spring program, which runs from March through June, is Friday, Feb. 17. Questions can be directed to

Describe your CAHL cohort experience. 

“I had a unique and rewarding experience, as I was a mentor and a mentee simultaneously. I gained tremendous insight into the C-Suite Leadership Team from interactions with my mentor and learned a lot from my mentee about her journey through the healthcare system. It was amazing to have two different perspectives, and it opened my eyes to the different pathways people take in their careers. I felt so privileged to share my knowledge and have someone share theirs with me.”

What professional career advice were you given that resonated the best that had the most influential impact on your career journey? 

“During my time with my mentor, we discussed the importance of “the right fit.” That resonated with me because as you move into a management, upper management or executive role in healthcare (or any organization), it becomes vital to trust your team and share similar values. My mentor told me that during the interview process, I am also interviewing the organization and the individuals interviewing me. I had never thought about it that way before, and I quickly realized how critical it is to align with an organization’s mission and values.”

Was a blind spot discovered in your leadership strategy that your Mentor helped you identify and provide guidance to overcome? 

“My mentor and I touched on some topics I had previously been uncomfortable discussing. It was refreshing to have a different perspective on matters and also have someone to bounce ideas off of. My mentor also encouraged me to put myself out there more and get to know others on the executive team that I don’t work that closely with. She shined a light on the importance of personal and professional relationship building. That was an area I had been struggling with and was unsure how to approach.”

How have your career aspirations progressed since the CAHL Mentor Program? 

“I have realized that everyone’s path is unique and that there are many avenues to follow. Mentoring opened my eyes to this and allowed me to explore my options from a new perspective. I feel much more confident moving into the next career phase and opportunities the open-up and couldn’t be more excited about the future.”

What advice would you provide to others interested in participating in the CAHL Mentor Program, and what benefits would you highlight? 

“Don’t wait; sign up! I highly recommend the CAHL mentor program. One of the significant aspects of the CAHL mentor program is the personal touch. The committee volunteers personally reach out to every mentee and mentor and are available to you throughout the engagement for any needs that arise. 

Mentoring is truly a gift. Whether you are a mentee or a mentor, the experience is inspirational and enriching. I genuinely believe that when we share our experiences and lift each other up, we become better versions of ourselves and reinforce the rewarding benefits of learning, teaching and leading.”