2018 Member Spotlight – Iesha Hinton

Member Since (when did you become a CAHL member? ACHE member?)

I joined ACHE in 2017 as an undergraduate student and renewed my membership in 2019 as a graduate student.

Why did you decide to pursue a career in healthcare?

Since high school I always wanted to work in a medical setting and started my healthcare career in the veterinary field. During those years, I helped manage patient workflow and worked as an interim manager where I coordinated medical inventory, client and staff complaints, and training technicians. This is when I learned that I wanted to be in management and work closely with clients. As a military spouse, I wanted to find a career that would be both challenging and accommodating to my personal life.

I started my career path studying healthcare information technology where I was introduced to healthcare management by my instructors. Additionally, I found my passion for healthcare management after taking several healthcare management courses and interning in a skilled nursing organization.

During my undergraduate years, I volunteered for organizations such as the Red Cross and Fort Belvoir Community Hospital. After completing my bachelor’s degree, my fervor to work in a healthcare setting grew and aligned with my decision to pursue my master’s in healthcare administration. After moving with my husband to California, I was given an opportunity to volunteer in the Nurse Administration Department at the VA Medical Center at Mather where I assisted in several projects for the post-bachelorette nursing residency (PBNR) program, patient workflow in the ED, and the CCNE accreditation. Here, I discovered my passion to work with patients and manage projects that would improve patient service and healthcare professionals.

Why did you join ACHE and CAHL?

I joined ACHE during my undergraduate studies under the advice of my instructor who is also an ACHE member. After joining ACHE and the local chapter Iesha Hinton CAHL, I see that it can be beneficial to students such as myself who are starting out in our careers in healthcare. Additionally, I would not have made it this far in starting my career if it weren’t for the members of CAHL who build my confidence and give me advice as an early careerist. I look forward to giving back to this organization and getting involved with volunteering on a committee.

What makes you diverse?

Starting my career in the veterinary field, I gained management skills and medical knowledge that transitioned to the healthcare industry along with my passion to work with customers. As a military spouse, I have experienced healthcare settings as a patient in more than 20 states, which aligns with my passion in patient care improvement and satisfaction. I currently work with veterans and providers on the insurance side of healthcare, which enhances my experience in healthcare in regard to workflow and patient service. Additionally, as a graduate student, my experiences as an early careerist give CAHL a different perspective on the struggles and successes of graduate students.