CAHL Committees & Volunteer Opportunities

CAHL’s 15 board committees work cross-functionally with stakeholders to create and deliver valuable offerings and services that operationalize our mission and vision. In collaboration with ACHE, we are committed to delivering tools, thought-leadership, and services to help our members to develop and advance their careers and the healthcare management profession. 

Committee Chairs sit on CAHL’s board, drive strategy and tactics across the committees, and lead our teams of volunteers. 

We always welcome feedback, ideas, and additional volunteers, who earn points toward the ACHE Recognition Program. Reach out here to get involved.


Chair, Member Advancement: Ryan deGive

Supports CAHL members in preparation for the Board of Governors’ exam (BOG) through a five-week FACHE webinar series in partnership with the sister ACHE chapter from San Diego (SOHL) offered bi-annually. Renowned guest speakers across California have shared their expertise relative to the exam topics to enhance the participation experience, as well as demonstrate the application of FACHE in their respective healthcare leadership roles. CAHL is proud to continue offering three scholarships per workshop series to members towards the BOG exam fee for professional development. Additionally, our committee provides supplemental materials, such as two preparation study bundles to participating members, for higher success and confidence to take the BOG exam.


Career Development & Transition

Chair: Amber Campbell
Vice-Chair: Robyn Ply

Provides support, resources, and programs for members at all levels of their career – the early-careerist, mid-careerist, senior-level executive, and  person-in-transition.


Chapter Programming

California Valley LPC Chair: McKenna Zoucha
Coastal California LPC Co-Chairs: Antonette Shockey, Dure Swiger; Vice-Chair Sanam Ghazvini
Greater East Bay LPC Co-Chairs: Leslie Cerpa-Weinberg, Prital Patel; Vice-Chair Rachna Pandya 

In 2024, we’re adding to our Local Programming Councils, each of which is charged with organizing events in a broad range of locations where CAHL members live or work. Events include virtual and in person networking events, qualifying educational events and face to face events. Local Programming Councils collaborate with and supports other committees within the organization to execute successful events in the Valley, Coastal and Greater East Bay regions.


Clinical Leadership

Chair: Delmar Smith
Vice-Chair: Yurlene Dela Cruz

This group of dedicated clinical leaders strive to provide value for CAHL members by creating opportunities for education, collaboration, professional growth, and networking. Our 2024 goals include to provide networking, qualified education and face to face sessions to optimize engagement of CAHL clinical leaders, collaborate with other committees such as JEDI and Higher education committees to engage and recruit diverse clinical leaders in training and early in their careers, to amplify our voice in Policy & Health Equity, Population Health, Innovation/ Technology and Healthcare Finance.


College Bowl

Chair: Mohit Gulati

In 2024, CAHL is exploring building out a Northern California College Bowl. Graduate and undergraduate health administration students within the 9 CAHL Higher Education Network Schools will compete for 1st place in this case study competition. This will be the first College Bowl within CAHL’s geography in 10 years!


Chair: Liz DeForest

Supports CAHL’s goals through active communication to members, partners, sponsors and the board through our chapter website, newsletter, LinkedIn, and event marketing. Our efforts will support CAHL’s efforts to catalyze, connect, and demonstrate trusted partnership. In 2024, we’ll be focusing on increasing opportunities to engage and share ideas in our LinkedIn community, as well as exploring podcasts and continuing to develop our monthly newsletter content with contributions from each committee.



Chair: Abraham Cicchetti
Vice-Chair: Jithin Veer

The Finance Committee of the California Association of Healthcare Leaders meticulously oversees the organization’s fiscal matters, ensuring prudent financial management and strategic investment to support the advancement of healthcare leadership in California. Comprised of seasoned financial experts and industry leaders, the committee employs rigorous analysis and forward-thinking to drive sustainable financial growth and uphold the association’s commitment to excellence in healthcare leadership.

Higher Education Network

Chair: Yamini Dwarakanath

The CAHL Higher Education Network (HEN) committee reaches out and connects with local graduate and undergraduate programs in health management to encourage student membership and involvement in the local chapter, as well as provides key resources to students navigating their career growth and development. In 2024, their efforts to provide professional development resources to students and encourage engagement will include overseeing student scholarship awards, student council chair election, promoting school participation in the College Bowl, and providing valuable events and programs for students including career connection opportunities, such as hosting an internship/fellowship program. Moreover, the CAHL HEN Committee maintains and updates the Student Resource Library in connection with CareerEdge.


Justice, Equity, Diversity & Inclusion

Chair: Jeremy Hough
Vice Chair: Mateika Martin

The JEDI Committee will support leaders and other committees and chapters in 2024 by facilitating networking events, conducting a face to face event, and building an engagement plan to support CAHL and ACHE priorities in furthering belonging and equity work. We will partner with our fellow leaders to ensure the JEDI work is available and accessible in support of our common goals.


Member & Volunteer Growth

Co-Chairs: Shasta Addessi, Laura Palmer 
Vice-Chair: Pravin Venketsamy

Welcomes new members and provides resources to potential and current volunteers to ensure their volunteer experience is meaningful and impactful. The committee engages members through outreach focusing on membership growth and retention. In 2024, we plan to increase membership and retention by engaging our members and potential members through events and personal connections.  We will increase volunteer engagement through meaningful volunteer opportunities, highlighting their important work and celebrating them at the annual awards celebration.



Chair: Samanta Lal
Vice Chair: Stacey Aggabao

Committed to supporting the professional development of healthcare professionals and in advancing the CAHL mission of fostering lifelong learning and growth of our members through mentorship. As part of our 2024 strategic plan, we will offer several formal and informal program and event opportunities. One-time, informal mentoring opportunities consist of mentor/mentee connection for 1-2 hours. Our formal mentoring program is 3 months with 6 contact hours between the mentee/mentor pair. Matches are based on mentee/mentor interest and geographic location, whenever possible. Additionally, we will offer a virtual educational event to ACHE/CAHL membership at large which will include a 2-3 panelist discussion.



Chair: Thu Nguyen
Vice Chair: Alice Nguyen

Responsible for developing and cultivating strong relationships with sponsors and partners by securing funds and in-kind donations in support of CAHL’s educational and networking events to advance healthcare leaders.  In 2024, they aim to raise $60,000 in annual income via a new sponsor outreach strategy and a new sponsorship structure (event sponsorships).  They will continue to create and cultivate strong relationships with our current and prospective sponsors and partners.


Strategic Outreach

Chair, Senior Executive Engagement: Priscilla Knolle

In 2024, the Senior Executive Engagement committee will continue its focus on strengthening connections to our senior executive membership through virtual and in-person networking events. The committee will also serve as a resource to other committees who seek engagement from senior executives for mentoring, speaking and panels.  

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