Advancement to Fellow and Board of Governor’s Exam

Your decision to seek advancement to Fellow is the next step in your healthcare leadership journey and your career development. Let the CAHL Member Advancement Committee help you in that journey.

Our CAHL chapter and Member Advancement Committee launched the first virtual FACHE Board of Governors (BOG) exam review and preparation webinar series in October 2020. We continue to offer these sessions twice a year – Spring (March) and Fall (October) of each year. This series consists of 5 five sessions that cover the exam’s 10 Knowledge Areas.  The session are scheduled for 1.5 hours on Saturday mornings over Zoom

Watch this space for the announcement of the Spring 2024 BOG Series

Helping you prepare for the BOG Exam

  • Pre-recorded study materials on each of the 10 knowledge areas
  • Access to recorded Zoom sessions from the past sessions
  • Review of sample questions in each live zoom session
  • Tips and techniques for taking the 6 hour exam
  • An opportunity to get a loaner ACHE Study Bundle set


Michael Dacoco

I am very thankful to CAHL and the Member Advancement Committee for their guidance and support as I pursued becoming a Fellow in ACHE.  The BoG prep sessions sponsored by the CAHL Member Advancement Committee were incredibly helpful and engaging.  The session leaders were knowledgeable, approachable, and committed to service. The meaningful sessions helped me better understand how to think through the exam, and the style of questions that would be asked.   

The ACHE recommended study pack and flashcards also made a difference in my preparation.  Lastly, I am thankful for the colleagues in CAHL that shared their own experiences and test taking advice. 

Nikhil Singal, FACHE

Vice President of Operations, Sierra Health and Wellness Centers

In my opinion, the CAHL prep sessions were the key reason for my passing the BOG exam. The prep sessions were tremendously valuable. The prep sessions brought together a group of individuals with broad experience, knowledge and education that cannot be obtained by just studying.

For those who are on the fence about pursuing the FACHE credential, my advice is to Get off the fence, commit and get it done!

Train like you fight; Fight like you train
Thus, over prepare.

Michael A. Felder, MS., MBA, FACHE

Chief Executive Officer Lt. Col., USAF (Ret), MSC , California Correctional Healthcare Services

When I began preparing for the Board of Governors exam in 2020, knowing I would be eligible to take the exam in early 2021, I was very nervous as I had not taken an exam like this for many years.  When CAHL offered the online BOG review course in the fall of 2020, consisting of 5 Saturday classes, I very eagerly signed up. 

The material presented in the class was so helpful in providing a guideline of what to focus on, and the tips provided by the course organizers and guests were so reassuring.  When studying in the weeks leading up to my exam, I reviewed the course materials and found that the presentations that were given in each class, in addition to the flashcards that I purchased online were the best study materials for me.  When I was taking the exam, the tips that were shared in the review course kept going through my head – breathe, read each question and answer thoroughly, and pay attention to all the words.  I am so thankful for the prep course and know that I was successful in passing my exam due to it.  Thank you CAHL!

Jennifer Paoli, MBA, FACHE

Director of Business Operations , UC Davis Medical Center