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Health Care Systems:

Medical Group Practice:


Fellowships Database/Listing

Career Tools

    • Healthcare Careers Overview :
    • Resume considerations
    • Resume Feedback
    • Interview tips
    • Developing Mentors
    • Navigating corporate environments
    • Building relationships
    • Using LinkedIn
    • Mapping of related industries (consulting support, IT vendors, legal counsel, community organizations, advocacy organizations, think tanks, supply chain vendors, pharmaceuticals, MSO service vendors, billing and collections/coding vendors)
    • Listing of organizations where CAHL members work (but perhaps not direct contact information). Include at least one point of contact for each organization from CAHL membership.
    • Social Media Tips and Tricks

Industry Insights

    • 5 Questions Series of videos (video series with the board members where they each answer the same 5 questions about their jobs)
    • Reality of the work place article series, the hidden parts of my job
    • Elevator Pitch videos

News Sources

Websites/News aggregators


 Conferences/Trade organizations

    • California Healthcare Foundation – CHCF is a nonprofit grantmaking philanthropy based in Oakland, California. :
    • Kasier Family Foundation -Kaiser is a non-profit organization focusing on national health issues, as well as the U.S. role in global health policy.:
    • California Hospital Association:

 Government agencies

 Resource Tool Dissemination Possible Options

    • Website – Develop a portion of the website to house the information and links.
    • Mentor Tools – Create a packet of information for career day mentors to share with the students and discuss over lunch/coffee.
    • Education Sessions – Include links and information about the tools in the education sessions that CAHL representatives conduct with the HEN programs.
    • Posting – Create a comments/question section where students can post a question and it goes out to the CAHL board members/committee members to see if they can address it.

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