Mentorship Spotlight | Alex Aleman

Aug 13, 2023 | Member Spotlight, Mentorship

Alex Aleman is a Senior Quality Specialist with Kaiser Permanente. He shares his insights as a mentee in the Spring 2023 Formal Mentor Program.

Describe your CAHL Formal Mentor program cohort experience.
“It was an amazing experience to be a mentee in the CAHL Mentor Program. The committee volunteers ensured to match me with a mentor whose career directly aligns with the career trajectory I wish to follow. It was a very enriching experience for a healthcare leader to address my goals through dialogue and by simulating problem solving scenarios faced by healthcare leaders.”

What professional career advice were you given that resonated the best that had the most influential impact on your career journey?
“Yes, my mentor and I discussed how every opportunity can be a chance to grow. For example, although conflict may not be initially desired, conflict is normal and managing conflict successfully will lead to growth.”

Was a blind spot discovered in your leadership strategy that your Mentor helped you identify and provide guidance to overcome?
“Yes, my mentor clarified that resistance to change is inevitable. To increase the likelihood of stakeholder cooperation it is important to present the proposed change in a way that it includes a personal touch. A “burning platform” message should be articulated clearly and firmly to stakeholders. Although pushback is expected, the pushback can be used constructively.”

How have your career aspirations progressed since the CAHL Mentor Program?
“As an aspiring leader in healthcare quality, the CAHL Mentor Program has allowed me to develop greater confidence in my ability to reach my career aspirations. My mentor actively supported and encouraged my success. The CAHL Mentor Program helped to clarify and re-emphasize my unique strengths. Besides this, my mentor helped me identify blind spots, which allowed me to grow professionally.”

What advice would you provide to others interested in participating in the CAHL Mentor Program, and what benefits would you highlight?
“I highly recommend joining the CAHL Mentor Program if you are seeking to advance in your healthcare career or you enjoy sharing your knowledge to help others grow professionally. The committee volunteers make every effort to ensure that the experience is inspirational and beneficial.”