2018 Member Spotlight – Kumudini Sharma


Kumudini Sharma works as a Senior Business Administrator at InfoFlair Inc. She is responsible for managing various HR operations and developing strategic growth plans for the company. She has 13 years of experience in customer care, business operations and technology leadership. She serves as the initial point of contact and liaison to Human Resources on employment, employee relations, employee development, and HR operational issues. She develops strong collaborative relationships with consulting agencies, stakeholders, and the workforce.

She was the founder of the Wunderkind, a preschool facility. She led customer service, project management, and business operations at the Wunderkind. She worked with community members, licensing agencies, and social service agencies to come up with concept based learning. During her leadership, the company became an affiliated preschool provider for the US Military.

Kumudini holds an MHA (Healthcare Administration) from the University of Phoenix and MBA (Business Administration) from Northeastern University. She believes in continuous learning and is aPHR certified. She is a Communication committee chair at CAHL.

Member Since (when did you become a CAHL member? ACHE member?)

I joined CAHL in March, 2016 and have served as a chair on the CAHL Communications Committee

Why did you decide to pursue a career in healthcare administration?

I believe in people’s experience. I started my career as a teacher in SFO Bay Area. Soon I identified a need to conceptualize education. I founded my start-up in Preschool education. It was a great opportunity to work collaboratively with community members and understand their needs in an emerging industry. I integrated mindfulness education, conceptual learning, and technology in the preschool environment to make education more fun and interactive.

I realized good health and education are the building blocks of an enthusiastic and innovative individual. I incorporated different healthcare programs to preschool education like school clinic-check ups and healthy eating habits. As I learned more about the transformation of healthcare and its difficulty in meeting the changing needs of the population, I grew interested in healthcare administration. Going back to school, I earned my MHA in Healthcare Administration. I realized that patient’s experience is not limited to the healthcare delivery, but is composed of various elements. That knowledge motivated me to transfer my management and HR expertise into healthcare administration. I volunteered in healthcare organizations and became a member of the CAHL. Healthcare is an industry that combines my HR expertise with my passion in one dimension. I provide management expertise and project support that improve health care delivery results.

Why did you join ACHE and CAHL?

During my Master’s program, I was looking for an opportunity to volunteer and interact with Healthcare Executives to learn more about the industry. CAHL provided a great opportunity not only to network but also receive mentorship for early career employees and college graduates. Being from a different industry, CAHL offered me a great platform to understand the challenges and opportunities in health care. CAHL members support other professionals from different organizations by sharing experiences and strategies. This was very impressive and stuck out to me.

What makes you diverse?

I did not follow the conventional career ladder. I started as an educator, the founder of a start-up, and am currently working as a senior Business Administrator in an IT consulting firm. Changing careers and working in different industries have given me a unique perspective in understanding people’s needs. I have always aspired to work in important endeavors that matter; in that sense, what can be more important than healthcare? I am passionate about improving customer experience. I earned MHA in Healthcare Administration, volunteered in healthcare organizations, and became a member of CAHL, all of which enhanced my passion for the healthcare industry. My passion to improve the patient’s experience despite a non healthcare background makes me a unique contributor in the industry.