Michael A. Felder – MS., MBA

Current Position: Chief Executive Officer, California Correctional Health Care Services. Prior: Lt. Col, USAF, MSC (Ret)

Background and Education: Born and raised in Mobile, AL (Roll Tide). He graduated from the University of South Alabama with a B.S in Finance and Banking, and has a Masters degree in Environment Management and a Masters of Business Administration. After graduating from college he was commissioned a Lieutenant in the U.S Air Force and was stationed at Vandenberg AFB, CA. He spent a total of 26 years in the U.S Air Force in various leadership positions, and is now the CEO at California State Prison, Sacramento located in Folsom, CA. Please see my LinkedIn profile.

Philosophy: My philosophy is to “give back” by helping build future leaders through sharing my background and experiences with others. In doing so, I humbly find myself gaining more than I can possibly share. Thus, it is rewarding and fulfilling, and offers a shared learning opportunity that is mutually beneficial.

Focus: Early careerist to mid-level executives

Coach-Mentor Services: Branding, coaching and mentoring, resume and cover letter review, and interview skills/techniques. Career pathing.

Availability: Once a month; in person, phone, email, video.

Contact: mfelder30@gmail.com