Board of Governors – Frequently Asked Questions

Application Process

What are the requirements for applying for BOG Exam?

Access the Board of Governors Exam requirements, scheduling, exam format and fee at ACHE

Are there CAHL events to accrue any F2F credits in 2021?

Of course.  CAHL has an exciting line-up of F2F activities for our members and non-members to learn from the leaders with F2F credits. Check out for the list of upcoming events. In addition, CAHL in collaboration with San Diego Organization of Healthcare Leaders is offering our Spring 2021 Board of Governors Exam Workshop in March 2021 which gives a review course with tips from our Fellows. These workshops will get you 7.5 QE credits. 

Can you provide more information on the volunteer activity requirement of the exam?

Volunteer activities towards industry and one’s local community are described online at ACHE

What is the next available window for taking the BOG exam?

BOG exam needs to be scheduled with Pearson. Check for the appointment availability online at Pearson.

Availability is limited, so please check early and often.

Do I get credits for participating in the BOG training sessions?

Yes. You can self-report 1.5 ACHE Qualifying Education credits for each session you participate.

ACHE Exam Resources

Where do I purchase the BOG Flash cards?

BOG Flash cards and digital access can be purchased online at ACHE Flash cards

Is there a practice exam available on ACHE?

Once you complete the application, you can access the practice exam at <LINK>

Is there a study bundle available on ACHE?

You can purchase the BOG Study bundle at ACHE study bundle

How do I prepare for the BOG Exam?

ACHE has an excellent resource online for preparing for your BOG exam.  Access it at ACHE Board of Governors Exam Preparation

Is there an online tutorial available?

ACHE sells an online tutorial to help refine your knowledge and improve your study skills. On completing the tutorial, you can also earn 10 QE credits.  Check it out online

I have a question

Preparing for the BOG exam?  Have another question?  Please submit your question, so we can get back to you.