Regent’s Message

Feb 1, 2023 | Annual Report, Regent's Letter

By Philip Chuang, ACHE Regent

In reflecting upon the 2022 accomplishments of the California Association of Healthcare Leaders, I begin with gratitude to the CAHL board and all of the CAHL members who have volunteered time to all of the activities that CAHL supports each year. CAHL is a volunteer-driven organization, dependent upon the commitment of each of its members to give back to the profession of healthcare leadership through education, member advancement, and mentoring. Despite the demands on all healthcare leaders over a challenging year, CAHL members continue their dedication to both their own development as healthcare leaders as well as the development of the future leaders of our industry through support of early and mid-careerists as well as students. You should all be commended for making time out of your busy personal and professional schedules to further the high standards and expectations of all healthcare leaders.

I wanted to thank the CAHL officers who are transitioning off the board this year for their commitment to the organization over the past years – Darrielle Ehrheart (immediate past president), Shaunna Taylor (secretary), and Jenn Paoli (treasurer). We are lucky to have had your talent and leadership on the board, and CAHL is in a strong position as a result of all of your hard work.

CAHL has continued to deliver value to members through key areas such as:

  • A robust education and networking calendar, including a limited number of in-person events
  • Resuming the in-person California networking session at 2022 Congress in Chicago in collaboration with our sister ACHE chapters in Southern California
  • A mentoring program that continues to grow the number of mentor/mentee matches each year
  • Strong engagement with our Higher Education Network undergraduate and graduate programs including yearly events with students
  • Continuing to offer the successful Board of Governors Exam Prep Course twice a year

CAHL continues to be one of the largest and most active ACHE chapters in the country. We are fortunate to have such a strong and vibrant healthcare community here in Northern and Central California. I encourage all of our members to continue to find time to attend events and volunteer through CAHL so that you give back to the profession and build your professional network to support your own career goals. Most importantly, CAHL and ACHE can help you develop relationships and friendships with those who share your passion and commitment to healthcare leadership. These relationships are key to helping you continue to lead through new challenges facing the healthcare organizations that we serve as leaders, and ultimately the patients and communities that we care for.

I look forward to an exciting 2023 and wish all of our members both personal and professional success and fulfillment in the coming year.