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Jul 10, 2022 | Archived

The Mentor Program has two program offerings- Formal and Informal Program. As the Chair to the Mentor Program, I am excited to share that we had a successful 3- month Spring Formal Mentor Program. With a cohort of 28 mentors/mentees, ranging from early careerist to senior executives, the mentor/mentee pair successfully completed the program requirements. In parallel to running the Formal Mentor Program, the team also hosted the Informal program, onboarded new mentors and mentees, and prepared for the upcoming 2022 Summer Mentorship Conference on July 27th at 5:30pm.

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We are excited to share some of the feedback received from the Spring Formal Mentor Program

“As leaders in health care, we are always looking for ways to improve ourselves and others around us. I am grateful for the opportunity to be a part of the CAHL Mentor Program. It provides a structured way of mentorship that allows for shared learning, networking, and individualized learning. Because no matter where we are at in our career, we should never stop improving and learning; the CAHL Mentor Program is a great way to do just that.”

“Throughout the Mentorship program, I learned so much. Each session was engaging, thought-provoking, enlightening, and inspiring. Being able to connect with such an impactful female leader gave me the inspiration to continue on my journey to executive leadership.”

“The entire mentor structure was aligned with specific weekly goals which resulted in the ultimate objective achievement.”

“The mentorship program was exactly what I needed. I appreciated the structure and it helped me make significant progress toward my career goals.”

Join us for the upcoming conference hosted by the Mentor Program

Learn from our distinguished panelists how mentoring has helped them throughout their careers, the impact mentoring has, and how to seek out mentors.

Samanta Lal MS, RDH.

Chair, Mentor Program