Reflections on Passing the BOG Exam: Congratulations to Michael Cureton

Jun 10, 2023 | FACHE

In January 2023, Michael Cureton, MHA, FACHE, Chief Administrative Officer of Sutter Amador Hospital in Jackson, passed the Board of Governors exam to earn his FACHE, bringing another board-certified leader into the CAHL community.

How do you see the FACHE credential helping you as a healthcare leader in the future?
I see the value in the FACHE credential as really highlighting one’s commitment to healthcare and healthcare leadership. It is a representation of your journey thus far in your career advancement and symbolic of your dedication to future excellence. It is my hope that the credential will help open doors for me in my career path and afford me new opportunities that otherwise might not be as accessible. 

What advice do you have for members who are on the fence about pursuing the FACHE credential?
Much of the value of the FACHE is in the effort that it takes to obtain the distinction. Whether it be volunteering in the community, attending conferences, or watching a webinar, the experiences have helped me become a more effective leader and have given me opportunities to learn from so many of my colleagues across the state and country.  

Could you share a helpful insight or learning that you got from the BOG prep sessions that you wouldn’t have had without them?
One of the best tips I got from the prep sessions is to remember that this test is used nationwide. While an answer may be very applicable to California, it may not be the case for the rest of the US. 

What suggestions do you have for learning from peers at work and within ACHE that might not be obvious to someone just starting this process?
While I found the BOG prep sessions beneficial, it is hard to replicate the importance of lived experience. Some of the best prep you can do is approach work with a curious mind. In your work settings, seek out understanding in topics that you may be unfamiliar with. Knowing definitions is important, but it is even better if you know the application of those words and concepts. 

Share with us your most helpful study tip:
I really appreciated that the BOG sessions were recorded. I re-watched the ones that I was a part of and then watched a serious from a different cohort. I felt by really going through them, it helped me feel prepared and notice test-tips, definitions, or concepts that I might have missed.