Reflections on Passing the BOG Exam: Congratulations to Nikhil Singal

Oct 8, 2022 | FACHE

This past month, CAHL board member Nikhil Singal, MHA, FACHE, joined the select group of CAHL members who have passed the Board of Governors Exam in Healthcare Management. Nikhil, who is Vice President of Operations with Sierra Health and Wellness Centers, prepared via the BOG prep courses offered by CAHL. The next series of 5 sessions begins Oct. 15 (register here). 

Nikhil shared his thoughts on studying for this elite credential, which demonstrates ACHE members’ industry knowledge and their deep commitments to ongoing personal development, as well as to the teams and organizations they lead. 

How do you see the FACHE credential helping you as a healthcare leader in the future?

To me, it demonstrates a commitment to the profession, and to continuously developing myself, so I can serve and develop others. That’s really it at its core.

What advice do you have for members who are on the fence about pursuing the FACHE credential?

I actually just talked to two people who were thinking it might be time, but they were still holding back. I think they were encouraged to move forward after hearing from someone who had gone through the process. So I’d say, if you’ve been hesitating for a while, and if what’s holding you back is the intimidation factor, then you’re probably readier than you realize. Go for it! 

Could you share a helpful insight or learning that you got from the BOG prep sessions that you wouldn’t have had without them? 

It was valuable to me to learn about the style of the questions. We all have a different way of learning and processing information, and understanding how the questions are asked helped me adapt my studying. Besides test-taking tips and general guidance on the subjects to study, the prep sessions also created a community of people on the same journey, which was nice. 

Share with us your most helpful study tip: 

It was helpful to talk to others about the testing center and their own test-taking tips. My best suggestion is to look at the various resources ACHE has, and see which of those resonate with your style of learning. One of the most helpful for me was a book that’s recommended in the ACHE study pack – I read “The Well Managed Healthcare Organization,” by Kenneth R. White and John R. Griffith, and took notes on key points and definitions as I went along. The study bundle flash cards and YouTube recordings of the CAHL sessions are also great because they give you flexibility in how you choose to learn.

Any closing thoughts?

I’d like to thank everybody that supported me on my career and in this accomplishment with guidance and encouragement. I’m very grateful. I have a greater appreciation now for the work others put into achieving this credential, and for their commitments to our field. 

This has been really big step in my leadership journey, but I recognize it’s not the last one. I’m proud to join a community that’s so dedicated to finding new ways to continue to grow.