Student Council Spotlight | Jocelyn Dretzka

Jul 8, 2023 | HEN (Higher Education Network)

CAHL is profiling the 2023 members of the CAHL Hen Student Council. These early careerists are active in engaging peers who are building their healthcare expertise as they advance into and within the industry.

School: California State University, Chico. In Chico the scenery is very beautiful and there are many places to hike and tour outdoors so during the summer that is where I spend most of my time! 

Future Plans: With my major in Health Services Administration and my minor in Health Promotion, I have grown a large interest in Public Health. I hope to work in project management in the future in a Public Health department, but I also wouldn’t mind working in a hospital setting as well. I am looking to intern in the Spring of 2024 and hopefully have a full-time position by the Fall of 2024.

What I’ve enjoyed most about CAHL and CAHL HEN: My favorite thing about CAHL is how involved it got me into the professional health services industry. It helped me grow a lot of my leadership attributes as well as network with others whom I may not have met had I not been apart of the student panel!