Mentorship Spotlight | Fawn Hutton

Nov 12, 2023 | Mentorship

Fawn has over 15 years of healthcare administration experience and currently works at UC Davis Medical Center as the Director of Emergency Services Business Operation. She shares her insights as a mentee in the Fall 2023 Formal Mentor Program.

Describe your CAHL Formal Mentor Program Cohort Experience
“The experience is nothing short of amazing so far. I am getting so much more than I ever expected out of this program. I feel like for the first time in my career, my professional growth and development are not only being nurtured but encouraged. I have shared with so many colleagues about the benefits of this program!

What professional career advice resonated the best and has had the most influential impact?
“Build relationships that are key to your growth and development. Hearing this from a CEO makes this valuable advice much more impactful.” 

Was a blind spot discovered in your leadership strategy that your Mentor helped you identify and provide guidance to overcome?
“Yes. Be careful who you trust. Focus more on relationship building than trying to win everyone’s trust. You never know how a relationship you intentionally nurtured can work in your favor when an opportunity presents itself.”

How have your career aspirations progressed since the CAHL Mentor Program?
“Learning! I love to learn. I can’t help it. Both of my parents and two siblings are educators. I enjoy receiving undivided attention from a senior executive. My mentor has a demanding schedule, but it means the world to me that she is taking time out of her busy schedule to share her knowledge, expertise and experiences with me. Lastly, meeting in person has made the interaction so much more personal and meaningful.”

What advice would you provide to others interested in participating in the CAHL Mentor Program, and what benefits would you highlight? “My advice would be, join the program! You won’t regret it. The benefits are invaluable: Lifelong friendship, sound business advice, increased clarity with setting the right goals for the right reasons, exposure to how another healthcare system operates, and leadership development. And then when time permits, pay it forward, return the favor, and be a mentor yourself.”