CAHL Shows Up Strong at ACHE Annual Congress

Apr 9, 2023 | ACHE National

ACHE Congress 2023 Collage

CAHL again had a strong presence at the ACHE 2023 Congress on Healthcare Leadership March 23-25th in Chicago. This year’s initiative was to charter a bolder and brighter future for healthcare. Over 5,000 healthcare professionals attended this year’s event.

Themes noted by attendees in presentations and individual discussions this year included:

  • The time of transition our people and our organizations are working through together
  • Learning to navigate the post-pandemic healthcare world and an increased focus on technology-driven care
  • The importance of DEI in healthcare and of women having a seat at the table
  • Taking care of ourselves to minimize and prevent burnout
  • Meeting patients and consumers where they are, even as we navigate the collaboration/competition aspects of newer caregiving entrants from retail and other industries

Many attendees were genuinely engaged in finding new ways to help others together: The question, “How can I help?” could be heard across the event. 

Our joint California networking event, hosted together with SOHL and ACHE of Southern California, was a great success with 114 attendees. This event was great for colleagues to see one another after so long and some for the first time. It was an energizing way for ACHE’s California chapters to come together and connect. 

Laughter and joy permeated the Congress as old and new friends and colleagues came together after so long. The spaces were filled with people energized about the progressive tasks to implement in our healthcare practices, intrigued by the future of healthcare in our increasingly technology-driven world, and optimistic about collaborations.


ACHE Congress 2023

ACHE Congress 2023 2