In Their Words

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Annual Meeting & Awards

We asked CAHL Board members to reflect on the first in-person annual meeting since 2019.

CAHL Board 2022

The CAHL Annual Meeting was…

  • “Incredible … inspiring … impactful … heartwarming.” – Michael O’Connell, FACHE, Chief Operating Officer, Stanford Medicine Partners, CAHL President
  •  “Outstanding and full of energy with members networking and getting caught up after a few years of virtual only engagement.” – Kelly Flannery, MHA, FACHE, Chief Planning Officer, U.S. Department of Veterans, CAHL President-Elect
  • “A success! The in-person networking opportunity was wonderful, it was great to see so many professionals make time to attend the event, and it was a great return to face to face events.” – Aemal Aminy, MHSA, System Director, Alameda Health System
  • “Inspiring and rewarding. Glad that we were able to organize the event in-person after a 3 year gap to celebrate and acknowledge the contributions of chapter leaders, members and volunteers to our mission.” – Sachin Gangupantula, Founder & Director of Operations, Valley Diabetes & Obesity
  • “A way for us to reconnect with each other and for many, the first time meeting fellow board members in person.” – Rachael McKinney, MHA, FACHE, Hospital Area CEO, Sutter Medical Center, 
  • “Such a rewarding opportunity to see innovative leaders all in one place!” – Jackeline Rosas, MHA, Consultant 
  • “An incredible networking event that helped me strengthen relationships that had been purely virtual up to that point, with in-person 3D interaction!” – Sarah Khan, MPH, Chief Clinical Transformation Officer, Phamily

I was inspired to…

  • “Connect with more CAHL members after the meeting as a result of the in-person meeting.” – Michael O’Connell
  • “Encourage more members to attend an in-person event and get involved in CAHL.” – Kelly Flannery
  • “Grow my network, attend more events, and recruit new CAHL members.” – Aemal Aminy
  • “Encourage and motivate members to leverage CAHL’s incredible opportunities for professional development and build relationships” – Sachin Gangupantula
  • “Stay connected and attend future networking events.” – Rachael McKinney
  • “Further do my best in furthering healthcare administration best practices and not forget why I chose this pathway.” – Jackeline Rosas
  • “…I was inspired!” – Sarah Kahn