Reflections on Passing the BOG Exam: Congratulations to Connie Moss

Dec 11, 2022 | FACHE

In November 2022, Connie Moss, MBA, of San Francisco passed the Board of Governors exam to earn her FACHE, bringing another board-certified leader into the CAHL community. Connie is focused on optimizing patient experiences and shares below her thoughts on the FACHE credential’s value in illustrating how various areas and roles within the healthcare ecosystem interconnect.

How do you see the FACHE credential helping you as a healthcare leader in the future?
It demonstrates that I have a commitment to life-long learning and professional development. The credential is just the beginning in the sense; I will continue to be actively involved in all that ACHE and CAHL have to offer in terms of mentoring, meeting others who share the same values and professional development.

What advice do you have for members who are on the fence about pursuing the FACHE credential?
The process of preparing for the FACHE credential in many ways validates all that one has learned over the course of a career in healthcare. It goes further in that it enlightens you to how different subject areas are interconnected. This will help you, in how you relate to your peers and others in your organization on a deeper level.

Share with us your most helpful study tip:
I highly recommend “The Well Managed Healthcare Organization” 9th edition, by Kenneth R. White and John Griffith, as well as the Finance book offered in the bundled kit on the ACHE website. I took detailed notes, learned definitions and made reference to where topics related to other subjects (e.g. HR to Law and Regulations etc.). Identify the areas you have strengths and weaknesses and come up with a strategy for balancing that out. Study a little every day over a course of several months. You will know when you are ready. Trust your gut, hard work and experience. The best quote someone said to me was, “Remember, prepping for the BOG is professional development in itself.”

What other resources do you recommend to people on this path?
Talk to other Fellows and ask them how it has impacted them personally and professionally. Use a variety of healthcare publications to gain further understanding of the topics you are studying.